List Building – My Baby hit 100 opt ins!

February 17, 2009

Wow, I had my doubts about being capable of building an opt in email list, but today, I just hit 100 opt ins….. that isn’t bad in just over 60 days.

I also had a great affiliate sale, just off my promotion of my list. Beat out my other revenues in one shot.

So what does all this mean? Alex Jeffrey’s system works. If you don’t have Alex’s info, check it out here Easy Email List Builder it will just open your eyes and get you on your way. Best $47 you could spend.


Update – How to Build an Email List

February 6, 2009

Well, it has been a bit since I posted on my list building efforts. I think I am moving along quite nicely!

I am trying to leverage my high traffic SBI (Site Build It) website that gets free organic traffic to build my list.

So After two full months, I have over 80 opt ins! I am pretty happy with this. Of course, I am following Alex Jeffrey’s and am in his coaching program, so this is really helping to move things along too.

If you want to cash in on Alex Jeffrey’s great tools to build an email list and make some cash, you should really shell out just $47 and get his set of videos. I made the money back by just following his advice.

You can check out Alex Jeffreys List Building system by visiting this site

Worth its weight in gold. (and just $47!!)

Check it out.

Site Build It – SBI – On Sale!

February 6, 2009

I am a loyal believer is SBI or site build it for building your online business. It is an absolute bargain at it’s annual price of $299 but a few times a year they put on specials.

For those of you who are sceptical about SBI or have read negatives, I can assure you, I have 5 SBI sites and they all make money. More money than any other online money making venture I have tried. I get over 700 visitors a day to one of my sites!

The special allows you to by a second site or SBI subscription for just $100 more.

The tools, support and forums are so valuable, and this is how I am building my list, from the site that gets free traffic of 700 visitors a day!

So, if you were thinking about buying a Site Build It subscription, now is the time. Just a few days left in the special.

I Love SBI!

Check it out, it is the BEST online tool for building a business.

Do yourself a favor – Internet Marketers must build Credibility FIRST

January 12, 2009

You can not call yourself an ‘over night’ internet marketer….. it is just not possible.

I was listening to Alex Jeffreys today, and brought up a very valid point that most internet marketers ignore – You must first build credibility! Alex actually says ‘don’t pimp youself’ and how true is that?

You must prove what you are doing is successful before you will have success as an internet marketer. Quite simple really. I wasn’t sure about building a list and how it would all work out, but I followed Alex and it’s working just great for me, I actually think it is a ‘success’.

I was not even beginning to think about caputuring my traffic to build a list which would be of great use to me for years to come. Never mind I didn’t know anything about auto responders, email list builders, or anything of the like.

I know understand Alex’s point. You can’t say “hey look at me, follow me, trust me” unless you have some form of credibility to back it up.

How true is that….. I now know I am well on my way to building credibility and that it won’t happen over night, but that with each step I take, more credibility can be established.

Eye opening stuff!

Update to Email List Building Progress

January 12, 2009

I have been building a list with a 27 month old website for just over a month now and am happy to report that I have just over 50 opt ins to my email list.

Now, that is pretty good for someone who has never promoted a list before. After 1 year I should have over 500 people on this list. The trick will be to keep the list warm and happy! There is a fair bit of traffic to this site, just over 400 a day, but the list is only promoted on two pages.

Wonder how I got to 400 + visitors a day?

I use Site Build It and am really happy with the progress I have made for a newbe to the internet.

My site earns about $400 usd a month from advertising. Last year at this time it was making only $60 so we are heading upwards with these numbers. SBI or Site Build It is a great tool for new and seasoned internet entrepreneurs. It provides a huge amount of tools to let you build a successful website without having to go outside for further resources.

Hoping to report back an email list of over 100 in Feb…. and I am now starting to build two more lists. I am continuing to follow Alex Jeffreys advice and techniques. His Strategies and a Free Report can be found at

So far, it all seems to be working!

Wishing you all success with your email list building strategies.


Auto Responders

January 5, 2009

Wow…. you just can’t build an effective email list without having a great auto responder behind you. Aweber is who I have chosen to use, and it is very easy to use and effective.

I can easily attach documents, pdf’s, ebooks etc. The stats are up to date always, and the emails get through to the subscriber – a very important point that is often overlooked when people are looking for autoresponders to build an EMAIL LIST that is useful and effective.

Aweber is not the cheapest auto responder, but they have been around the block and are a sound company that you know will be there in the future.

Another important point, it does no good to build a list with a company that will fold in the future – your email list will be gone!

If you are looking for an effective and top notch auto responder and email assistant, you have to check out Aweber it is awesome and I highly recommend it to any one who is truly serious about building a money making <a href=”http://www.easy-email-list-builder.comEmail List

Marketing With Alex – Communicate!

December 12, 2008

Okay, today I am listening to one of Alex Jeffreys videos from Marketing with Alex and he is talking about communicating and letting people know what you are doing via blogging.

Blogging as Alex puts it is one of the best ways to get everything going for your website and what you are up to according to Alex.

Documenting and telling people about your journey is interesting and will create followers for you! Well, this is not rocket science, but it truly makes sense.

If you just let people know what you are doing, it creates an interest. Interest creates potential customers and followers and the process begins.

It is so simple, yet most of us don’t do it. So tell me….. are you blogging about what you are trying to achieve or where you are going?

Too funny, I bet most of us don’t, but I am going to give it a go. So follow along as we journey on the Marketing with Alex program.

So far, it is very cool.